Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The paranoia begins on May 16, 2008

Is your daily calcium intake met by the limestone dust that accumulates on your water bottles?
Is your idea of fun hurtling down a gravel road at 35 MPH?
Do the people at Casey's General Stores know you by name?
Does your family stare at the ground and softly talk about your "gravel problem"?
If so we have got something for you!
In the spirit of the PCL, the Dirty Kanza, Trans Iowa, and "I hate Disco Nite" at Wrigley Field
........the Gravel Conspiracy present a gravel ride in the northern flinthills just in time for you to get in that last long ride before the Chase County madness that is the Dirty Kanza 200.

The Low Down:
Its FREE. If that does not get you here nothing will.

It will be a little over 100 miles of flint hills chert-limestone and B-roads.

We will have aid stations with the kind of food that we think that you would want in the midst of a long ride (pizza, PBJ, fruit, pretzels, assorted beverages) with donations being accepted to off set these costs and benefit the K-State Cycling program.

The tentative route can be found here

This ride is all about fun, fellowship, and making sure that you have got it together for the other longer rides that we hold so dear to our hearts. Bear in mind that you are on your own, and we will not come get you.

We will Start the race/ride from Cico Park in Manhattan, KS, leave the town via the linear trail.
The course will be "painted" once the route is finalized.
Hopefully we will finish the Race at the LAB for some good eats as its only about 400 yards from where you left your vehicle at the start.

So How does one go about signing up for this soiree?
You need to shoot me an email with your name, age, and home town.
Field size will be limited to 50 so I can simplify the logistics.

If you are interested in helping sponsor this event with product, dinero, bandwidth or your time give me a shout @