Thursday, August 4, 2016

The 2016 Specifics

Friday, September 9
Registration at 8am
9am Depart for Ely. Route is about 80 miles with little tono locations for resupply. I will have an aid station out on course on the first and last day. We do this as a potluck, so bring some ride food to share. I will have a cooler of drinks and drinking water.

I will email all participants a PDF with cues and GPX files soon. If you are not registered you will not get the route.
You will need to arrange lodging in Ely for Friday and Saturday night. There are tons of places to stay in Ely. Please tag you luggage with your name and lodging location so I can make sure it is there when you check in. Usually we try to get together to eat dinner somewhere once everyone gets into town. I will see if I can find an establishment that can host us.

 Saturday September 10th
9am Depart from Bandstand at Whiteside Park in Ely.

The route will make a large loop out to the west of Ely. Total milage will be around 70 miles. Expect to get your feet wet, but you should not encounter water more than knee deep. There will not be any services for the first 50 miles, and even then, the pickings are pretty slim in Tower and Soudan. But the general store in Tower has a great little ice cream bar and soda fountain. I will not have an aid station out on course this day (because I am going to be riding too!) so make sure that you are prepared to go all day.

Sunday September 11th
8am: I will start collecting your luggage from your respective lodging.
9am Depart from Whiteside Park to head back to Silver Bay.
Expect to see some of the same trails that you hit on the way into Ely, but then we will take a northerly route so that you can have Brunch at the venerable Trestle Inn. They only take cash!
I will have drinks and food at the Trestle if you just want to resupply and boost.

Note: I haul your gear to Ely, but please try to keep your stuff to a minimum. I am not going to lease a big box truck if I do not have to. No spare wheels and no extra bikes. You are responsible for you.

Questions? Comments. Give me a holler