Q:What should I ride?
A: Your bike. Your ride should be fully functional and utilitarian.  Eschew proprietary spokes and 1300 gram wheelsets. Think Open Pro's laced to Ultegra's in a 3X pattern. 

Q: Can my Family come?
A: sure there is lots of fun stuff to do in the area, but we ask that they not be driving the course and that you not take feed or water from a vehicle unless they are providing it to everyone.

Q: What am I going to eat?
A: Food.
There will be breakfast and dinner available for purchase at all of the locations that we will be at. I would encourage you to support all of the local businesses in this area. During the day its going to be up to you.  Plan to always have at least 700 calories on your person at all times.

Q: How will I know where to go each day?
A: Each morning you will get a cue sheet, and I will make .gpx files and Garmin coordinates available once registration is confirmed.  I actually encourage you to use GPS devices, but you should also seriously consider having a copy of the maps for this region as a backup.

Q: How will my gear get to the end of the stage each night?
A:  When you cross the line in the evening, your gear will be at hand.  Please be reasonable with what you bring. WE WILL NOT HAUL SPARE BIKES OR WHEELS.  

Q: What should I have with me during each stage?
A: Whatever you need to ride/survive for 100 miles each day.  Seriously, this is not a beginners event.  If you are not prepared to cope with broken spokes, flats, broken chains, etc, it might be time to reevaluate how you are spending that weekend.
There is no mandatory gear that you have to carry, but I would suggest the following:
  • Extra Spokes and nipples (and the acumen to utilize them on the side of the road)
  •  Extra Derailleur hanger 
  • Extra half links
  • Schrader to Presta adapter 
  • At least 2 tubes (with long valve stems!) and a real glue patch kit
  • A hand pump that doesn't suck. I carry CO2 also, but never rely on it solely.
  • A multi-tool that does everything.
  • The capacity to carry at least 100 ounces of fluid.
  • Potable Aqua or some sort of water treatment tablets. You might need to get water out of a lake.  Amoebic Dysentery will enable you to shit through a screen door from 10 feet away, but the novelty of this fades quickly.
  • Food.  
  • A blinky light.
  • A good disposition and a willingness to help others.  If I might be so bold as to quote Hurl, "don't be a dick".
Q: What happens if I don't finish a stage?
A: A lot of things could happen. We really hope that you are able to get to the finish under your own power, but if not you should call the director to let us know what happened.  We will not come get you, but will make a effort to make sure that you are not eaten or that your remains make it to your next of kin.

Q: Why don't you charge a entry fee to help underwrite this?
A: Under US Forest Service "free" permitting, fees are not allowed to be solicited from participants, and participation is limited to 75 or less. Thus, we have to rely on corporate sponsors to help out with incidental costs and expenses.  Plus if I start charging you money you will start having expectations, wanting t-shirts, prizes, and it becomes a glorious headache (and nobody wants that).  You are up here to have fun, meet people, and ride bikes (far and as fast as you can).