Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Might be slow getting back with you this week

Last night I was finishing getting the tomato plants set in the garden, and I encountered this really tough root.  It took a couple rounds of jumping on the shovel to punch through it.  Turns out it was my cable internet line.
Sooooo ...... since I cant check email at work and the internets are a black hole at home don't expect any rapid responses.  Wednesday I leave for Pennsylvania for Dirtrag Magazines DirtFest.
So bottom line, keep the entries flowing in, but don't expect a super rapid reply from me.
As of last night, there were 8 automatic entries left.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The glass is half full

And so is registration.  Now is the time to stop being a pansy, and submit your registration.  15 more spots get automatic bids, then it goes to the lotto.  Entry into the Lotto ends June 1st. Registration must be finalized by June 15th. Meaning, if there is not an "A" between your hometown and your email address in the roster you are not in. 
Deep breath, collect yourself, and finish (or start) your registration.