Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2015 Happened. And then I went on a Bike tour

GC15 was a blast, despite getting a toad of a truck from Penske.
I wanted to post about this earlier, but I went on a bikepacking trip after GC. I will spin that yarn later.
Here are what other people have to say about GC15:

Ben Oney: "This year was my 3rd Gravel Conspiracy (I missed the first one). Each year I finish this event amazed that there aren’t 300 people demanding a spot on the roster. Admittedly, GC is hard to define. It’s not a race, but it attracts some fast riders who like to push themselves. It’s not bikepacking, but the route is as remote as anything you’ve ridden and you have the option of carrying your gear and camping every night if you wish. It’s not a party ride, but you’ll have access to a cooler of beer at some key points throughout the weekend."

DeathRider: "The Gravel Conspiracy........To me, is...... three days of riding amongst the best terrain in Minnesota with your pals."

Ben Mullin for CyclovaXC: "You are responsible for you".  That was a direct quote and the general gist of Head Conspirator Josh Stamper's pep talk as we gathered around the truck Friday morning just north of Duluth.  My third year of participation had me translating that statement to "You are responsible for you, and anyone you encouraged to also do this crazy thing."

There is lots'o stuff on the book of faces. Google that mess.

Here are a few from me that I really enjoyed:
I was super pumped to get Nate Ball up here this year!

Filter was defiled

We thought that replacing the filter would fix it. Spoiler Alert: it didn't.

This guy. Sunshine on my shoulder.

Nothing like the morning calm.

Spirit Animal. Kunisher

Organizing the box

The hand off. 
The Wizard says to get your honkey bottom to Silver Bay  for GC16