Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The details and course info and general paranoia

Looks like the cows are up to somethin, and it don't look good.

True dat!

See Here for a google document which includes a link to the updated course map and the cue sheet.
Familiarize yourself with the course several times by reading the cue sheet and looking at the map.
You must print off your own copy of the map and cue sheet!
I will not have any on the day of the event, if you forget one you better start making friends real quick.

When: 9am Saturday May 16th 2009
Where:We will be leaving the gravel lot on the corner of Wreath Ave. and Robinson Dr. on the western side of Cico Park in Manhattan, KS.
You can leave you cars in the gravel lot there.

I rode the course on Saturday and it took me about 7 hours of saddle time, rolling on a 42:18 gearing. All road were in good shape and assuming we do not receive rainfall of biblical proportions in the next few days the roads should be in great shape.

I will make sure that the course is marked with spray paint on the gravel sections. I will not paint paved roads so use those maps!
Let me know if you have any questions. I will not get back to you until after 11 am tomorrow since I am preparing for 900 level plant physiology final.
If its really important you can call my Cell (by really important I mean you are gonna tell me that you are going to donate a ton of money, provide podium girls, or provide me with a credit card with which to underwrite this event)
336-469-1526 otherwise just shooot me an email :-)
Looking forward to seeing you crusty faces.

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  1. Jealous. Wish i was doing this. Let me know if i can help out in anyway, unfortunately i have to work at 10 that day. So i probably wouldn't be much help.