Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fed and watered

I have been plotting and planning and wanted to see what most of you wanted to do for Dinner/Breakfast when we are on the Gunflint (ie the first night).
You can eat dinner at Bearskin Lodge, but its fine dining, pricey and only seats 20.
There is also the Trail Center Restaurant a couple of miles from Bearskin.  Its pub food and does not open until 8 am so you will not be getting breakfast there.

Few options that came to mind
For dinner we could:
  • Have pizza delivered from Sven and Ole's (in GM) and also do Salads,
  • Grill out: Burgers, dogs, pork loin, Veges, chips, beer...
  • Pasta Feed with Salads
I can make any of these things happen, I just want to get an idea of what most folks would be interested in.  I used to manage the logistics for a outdoor adventure company so if nothing else I can make sure that everybody gets fed. Cost would be about 8 bucks/person for the latter 2 options, and probably a little more for the pizza since its such a haul from GM. I would take care of all the plastic ware and other stuff.

For Breakfast:
I would line up 2 turkey fryer burners and keep water boiling from about 5:30 til 8am.
this would let you do the following:
  • Oatmeal
  • Rice cereal
  • Grits
  • Bagels w/ Cream cheese
  • Fruit
  • Omelets in a bag 
  • tea and coffee
 Cost for breakfast would be about 6 bucks.  I will take care of all the details.
So.......Let me know in the comments if this meal plan would work for you, and if so state your dinner preference in the comments section.  The most dinner votes wins.

All other meals are on your own.

Beer and soda:  I did my best to secure a beer sponsor, but that did not happen.  So, bring a six (or 12!) of whatever you like to drink, and we will keep it on ice.  I will have Chocolate milk for Dennis Grelk.
I also need a few volunteers to bring some med/large coolers for us to use. You will get then back.


  1. Burgers would be my first choice, but honestly anything will work. Breakfast sounds fantastic. I have a large cooler to bring.

  2. Grill out sounds good as long as there is an meat option besides red meat. Thanks.

  3. Any of the dinner option sounds good. Generally though I would go with whatever is easier - cookouts seems a bit of work. I'll also bring a large cooler.

  4. Pasta feed looks the easiest. Turkey fryer of noodles, meat sauce, non meat sauce, some bread and maybe salad?

    Grilling sounds good, but a lot of work.


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