Saturday, September 1, 2012

New sponsor

Wanted to send you all a quick update.  After talking with the gents at Skratch Labs I am excited to tell you that we will have Skratch SDM available at the aid stations on course.
I have used SDM this past year and really liked the light flavor, and how fresh I still felt at the end of the day. Its pretty low calorie (ie less sugar, more electrolytes), and Allen Lim advises athletes to eat real food as a source of calories.  I will have Rice Cakes made and wrapped at the aid stations.

Many Thanks to all the people that have volunteered to bring items. We appear to be good to go on all the gear.
See you on Friday!


  1. What was the final decision on Friday night dinner? I can't have gluten so I need to supplement depending on what we're having.

  2. Lisa, we are gonna rock out some Brats, burgers, and Chicken. I can whip you up some Quinoa, but you should plan to bring whatever type of gluten free bread you normally use.